NEXT JUMP: First update! (Build 231)

Hello Rookies!

First, thanks for supporting the game!
We are very happy that those who played, liked. :)

We apologize for the absence in the forums, our main developer got sick. But he did not stop to take note of how you were playing (or should we write, dying?)!

So here it is, our first update (build 231):

New features:

  • You can now sell the Basic weapon upgrades (the default weapon of the ship). Just click on the "SELL" button and then on the upgrade level you want to sell. Base level can not be sold, only the upgrades.
  • The Federation now remembers the name of Last Pilot missed on action. So when you are registering a new pilot, you can pay homage to him using the same name.

Balancing changes:

  • A Federation Ship only explodes when the HULL reaches "-1". In practice, all ships gained ONE hull point.
  • Change in galaxy generation algorithms: Now, more stores for repairs and purchases will appear. Before, every "empty space" in the first 14 parsecs was a store, this number was expanded to 23pc. (this only affects galaxy's created after this update).
  • The accessory "Piercing Dash" now do "5" damage, was "2" before. (it still uses the same amount of energy, 2)
  • Reduced the energy capacity of the "spear enemies" (the ones that attack by moving in the Ship direction) from "2" to "1". Now they only act once per turn. Also reduced the amount of tiles they move by "1".
Bugs and other changes:
  • It's now (practically) impossible to die while trying to get SCRAP during the transition of a JUMP (when the jump bubble is closing). We tested this, a lot.
  • Fixed the "first action immunity" not working sometimes.
  • You can only move now when the JUMP bubble finishes opening. Made this change to prevent movements that happened because the pilot "clicked at the end of the last jump".
  • Attempt to fix a bug where the pilot could not click on anything inside the cockpit.
  • Many small bugs where fixed.
  • Reduced volume of the "blip" sound (the "LOW HULL" one). Just a little. Some pilots where annoyed by it.
  • Added new "possible" messages on the "black box" SOS event with tips from other pilots.
  • Mines and Teleguided Missiles now show a Text tip (inside the jump bubble) indicating "[RIGHT CLICK TO DETONATE] and [RIGHT CLICK TO ROTATE]", respectively.
  • A DMG tip is now displayed on Enemies that do damage by touch (ie. the Spear and Rotating Turrets enemies).
  • A message is now displayed when you get hit by a TOXIC or/and EMP damage.
  • Many Typos on the Training Sim and Manual got fixed.

In other news the composer of the soundtrack, Rafael Assumção, released the official album in Bandcamp:

NEXT JUMP OST on Bandcamp

It's only 2 dollars and its REALLY GOOD. :)

If you have any problem with the update or have any thing you want to see improved on the game, let us know on the forums!

Have a safe Jump.


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May 12, 2017
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May 12, 2017
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May 12, 2017

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