New update: Build 243


Build 243 is up for grabs!
I would like to thank all the users who reported Bugs and helped to find them, especially: "Dinir Nertan", "Does not Care-Bear" and "holdmykidney".

- Toxic clouds now dissipate when they collide with Enemies or Player's Ship.
- Improved toxic clouds sprites so its more clear where they are.
- Improved collision systems.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed problems related to the collision of some attacks (explosion and some enemy shots).
- Corrected problems related to the Damage system: some attacks did more damage than they should.
- The game is now balanced to deal damage to enemies primarily. This means that on some rare occasions, the player's ship will not suffer damage. I'm working on a better way to interpret Damage, but for now this is better.
- Fixed issue where using the "esc" shortcut to close an event did not give its rewards.

Last but not least:
I'm still working on the next big content update! I'll reveal more about this in August.

Thanks and please report any other problems on the forums! :)


NEXT JUMP Shmup Tactics LINUX and Steam code 132 MB
Jul 27, 2017
NEXT JUMP Shmup Tactics macOS and Steam code 131 MB
Jul 27, 2017
NEXT JUMP Shmup Tactics WIN and Steam code 130 MB
Jul 27, 2017

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