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NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics

NEXT JUMP is a turn-based, tactics Shoot 'em up for people who are bad at SHMUPs, but love them. · By Post Mortem Pixels


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Recent updates

Bug fixes! (build 299)
List of bug fixes and changes: - Fixed bug/exploit that made the "Energy Beam Pierce" weapon annihilate any enemy instantly. Now the weapon only deals damage pe...
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New update (build 298)!
Hello! New update is available: - Tutorial of the game has been completely revised, now it has a more direct and short text. - All Typos in the tutorial have be...
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Achievements and Game announcement!
Hello! New update for the game is available and we are also announcing a new game: (will create a I...
Update bug fixes [276 mac]
Mac builds for the 276 fixes are up! :) Thanks for the support!...
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Update bug fixes [276]
Bug fixes [276]: - Fixed a bug where using the weapon "Energy Beam" could reset the engines to 1. - Changed the mechanic of the Energy Beam, now it does not tem...
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Update, bug fixes [build 275]
A small update is now live, with the following: - Fixed a bug where a accessory would no work with the new ships. (thanks to "1410c"); - Fixed some typos. (than...
​Bug fixes [build 273]:
Bug fixes [build 273]: - Fixed Bug where the Sword did not damage the engines and batteries of the mother ship. - Fixed Bug where Reputation to be hit in "Reput...
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NEXT JUMP: Red Legionnaires is now available for free!
Features: Three new ships: Shield, Sword and a Secret ship, unlockable at events or defeating a mothership. New game mode, "Reputation Bets": Join illegal gambl...
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