New update (build 175) and announcements!

Major improvements and changes:

- Now you can see the Tips of the houses directly in the interface of the Map, before choosing the house.
- The "Special" Finals now have priority over the final "Rage Blast" (when the rage reaches 10). Before the player simply exploded with anger, regardless of the end.
- Several parts of the code have been prepared and improved to receive the Russian translation.

Fixes and Typos:
- Several typos in English have been corrected, including "now / know" (thanks to @♿️JKS♿️).
- More improvements in sprites of Family NPCs.
- Some minor bugs have been fixed.

We would also like to officially announce that we are working on a free DLC!

In a few months the game will receive more content, more Steam Achievements, more endings, secret surprises and Russian location! :D
An appetizer of what's to come in the DLC:

Thank you very much for all the support and for playing the game! :)


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May 23, 2019
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May 23, 2019
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May 23, 2019

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