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Game made for the #StencylGameJam 2016.

Made by Filipe Dilly (code and a bit of game design, super average sound),
Luís Felipe Garrocho  (game design and some art) and Ricardo Tokumoto (art and art direction).

About the game:

You are a kid. You love candy. That’s basically your life.

You just arrived in a new city with your family after your parents changed jobs. And it’s Halloween.
Your mother warned to not talk to strangers your whole life. But it’s Halloween. You gotta get that sweet sweet glorious candy.
So you go. If you get to know them, maybe they are not strangers anymore? So it would be ok to go trick or treating then.
But be careful. If something looks strange, you can always leave.
Good luck.

If you liked Don't Talk to Strangers, be sure to check out Talk to Strangers:


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Merci beaucoup pour ce jeu! J'ai bien aimer ;]


Was lots of fun to try and swindle all these folks out of some sweet sweet candy, can't wait to play your full release

Thanks! :D
The sequel is called Talk To Strangers and you can find it here on Itch.io and Steam:


This game is really fun


Thanks! :D

Just uploaded my Halloween special video and I played your game for it and I honestly really enjoyed it, this game was amazing even though it was really short! :) 


Thank you! :D
We are making another one using similar mechanics, it already has a page in the steam:

You're welcome :) Oh nice, that's cool looking forward to it!


That's nice. Not sure if there are multiple endings, played only once. 9 candies from first 3 flats and 0 from the rest.

It was a bit confusing in the beginning that after clicking a button you have to click it again for game to proceed, not just anywhere or some "continue" button.

Thanks! :)